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Trust Seals have been proven to increase consumer confidence and conversion rates. Web Entrust seals are backed by an active monitoring network to maintain a high level of assurance.

Valid Web Entrust seals always show a current date, unlike passive seals that are only validated during renewal. Monitoring alerts keep staff aprised of any potential change in status.

Trusted Site Seals are available to sites that follow our Internet Best Practices and meet our Terms of Use. Registration and validation is a very simple process for legitimate sites.

Manual validation and periodic monitoring automates compliance verification and alerting for our Internet Trust, Internet Privacy and Internet Security seal for Validated sites.

Trusted Site Seal
Trusted Site Seal
Follows Internet Best Practices for Maintaining Your Trust

Accountable Site Assessment

Trusted Privacy Site Seal
Trusted Privacy Site Seal
Compliant W3C Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) Document

Monitored for Updates

Trusted Secure Site Seal
Trusted Secure Site Seal
Verified SSL Security for Protecting Your Critical Information

Daily Server Monitoring

Qualified Trusted Sites

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